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Hawaiian Tropic Self-Tanning-Foam Light/Medium 200ml


Hawaiian Tropic Self-Tanning-Foam Light/Medium targets inner and outer beauty. The gentle foam pampers the skin during the tan with an ultra-light formula that contains aloe and vitamin E and moisturizes the skin. The tanning foam ensures a natural and radiant tan, without any streaks.

  • Self-tanning foam for a flawless, streak-free shine
  • Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • Provides the skin with moisture
  • Delicate tropical fragrance

For best results, exfoliate skin in the shower to rid it of dead skin cells. Shake well before use. Put the self-tanner on an applicator sponge and spread it over the skin with circular movements. A second layer can also be applied for a particularly intensive tan. Allow the self-tanner to dry between uses. For a long-lasting and intense tan, leave the foam on the skin for up to 6 hours and then shower off.

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