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Foreo ISSA 3 Toothbrush Mint

Foreo ISSA 3 Toothbrush Mint

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Pro Cleaning Power, Extreme Battery Life

The world's 1st silicone sonic toothbrush & largest oral care advance in 70 years, ISSA™ 3 - cleans it all. Its hybrid brush head combines ultra-hygienic, medical-grade, soft silicone for a gentle gum massage & sturdier PBT polymer bristles to break down plaque. Tongue & Cheek Cleaner keeps your whole mouth significantly cleaner for longer with 16 adjustable intensities as new features - low battery indicator LED light and 2 x stronger silicone bristles, surpassed only by the staggering 365 uses/charge - provide a lifetime of superior oral care. Smile. You've just met your forever toothbrush.

The 4-in-1 toothbrush - for teeth, tongue, cheeks & gums

Say ‘1, 2, ISSA™ 3!’, and let those pearly whites shine. Meet the brush that lasts for a whole year on a single USB charge & allows you to use a natural brushing gesture, while experiencing electric brush results. And it doesn't damage your gums! With 16 speeds of sonic pulses & a new hybrid wave brush head, ISSA™ 3 features 2x stronger ultra-soft medical-grade silicone & PBT polymer bristles that remove 30% more plaque & gently massage gums, while the tongue & cheek cleaner on the back helps improve overall oral health by 140%.


Premium quality, life-long toothbrushes with brush heads lasting up to a year before a replacement is needed


Up to 365 uses per simple 2-hour USB charge. No need to constantly think about one more thing to recharge


A custom-made brushing experience with 16 intensities and Smart Memory feature that remembers your preferred intensity setting


A vacuum-sealed charging port for 100% waterproof design. Just brush & rinse under warm water


Slim-fit brush head, travel lock and brush heads that last from 6 months to a year


ISSA™ 3 can be used with any other ISSA™ range brush head or attachment. Explore, customize, enjoy!

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