NUK Kiddy Cup with leak-proof drinking spout and smooth valve
The Kiddy Cup by NUK is ideal for your baby from 12 months and up. The robust drinking bottle is leak-proof and has a bite-proof drinking spout, which makes it particularly durable.

Key features at a glance:

  • Drinking spout made of robust plastic (PP) withstands small teeth
  • Suitable for children from 12 months
  • Holds 300ml of liquid
  • Leak-proof, smooth-running valve for easy drinking
  • Cup made of light and robust material (PP)
  • Including protective cap and practical belt clip
  • Free from harmful substances, BPA-free
  • dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany

NUK Kiddy Cup – withstands small teeth
The NUK Kiddy Cup is leak-proof and has a smooth-running valve. Its plastic drinking spout is particularly robust and durable. It is ideal for little explorers from the age of 12 months and up.

As soon as the little ones get their first teeth, they love to bite and chew on everything. The NUK Kiddy Cup is therefore equipped with a unique drinking spout made of extremely robust plastic (polypropylene). It withstands the little teeth and is extremely hard-wearing. 300 ml of your little one’s favourite drink fit into the great NUK Cup. Its shape makes it easier for small hands to grasp and hold on. Drinking enough is essential for children! Thanks to the transparent material of the cup, parents always have a clear view of how much their child has already drunk.

The leak-proof and smooth-running valve can be easily detached from the drinking insert to be cleaned easily. The NUK Kiddy Cup and its individual parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Tried and tested NUK quality – Made in Germany!

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