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Foreo ISSA Brush Head Pearl Black

Foreo ISSA Brush Head Pearl Black

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Ultra-Hygienic Care, Insane Battery Life

Designed to make the world smile, ISSA™ mini 3 is the latest compact version of the world's 1st silicone sonic toothbrush, ideal for those who prefer a smaller brush head but refuse to compromise power. Combining an innovative ultra-hygienic, soft silicone-PBT hybrid brush & Sonic Pulse technology, it's the ultimate 4-in-1 oral care for teeth, gums, cheeks & tongue to keep your whole mouth cleaner for longer. Featuring practical lifestyle improvements such as a built-in smiley face timer, low battery indicator & anti-slip grip for the most comfortable handling. Smile - things just got better!

The 4-in-1 silicone sonic toothbrush

A toothbrush so nice it smiles with you! ISSA™ mini 3 is the oral care star of fresh breath - cleaning teeth, gums, cheeks & tongue. Eliminate plaque more effectively while gently massaging your gums, enjoy up to 265 regular uses per one USB charge, and keep your natural brushing gesture while getting electric toothbrush results. Brighter smile, healthier teeth, and all-day freshness? Yes, please!


It may be called 'mini', but it packs max returns on your investment, with brush heads lasting up to a year


Just a single USB charge ensures up to 265 days of regular use. Don’t stress about another device you have to charge


Luxuriously sleek, smooth to the touch, and wrapped in ultra-soft silicone with anti-slip grip


Jump into the shower worry-free. ISSA™ mini 3 has a vacuum-sealed, 100% waterproof charging port


Lightweight and USB rechargeable with a travel pouch, ISSA™ mini 3 is made for easy brushing on-the-go


Express yourself by customizing your ISSA™ mini 3 with any other ISSA™ range brush head or attachment

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